We offer the latest technology with highly qualified employees that are committed to helping with all of your agronomy needs.  Below are some of the services that Cooperative Elevator Co. has to offer.  Contact a location near you for more information.

Advanced Agronomy

Advanced Agronomy offers important insight to your operation.  Utilizing information from tissue and soil sampling we can provide you with a customized fertility program.  The fertility program is unique to your field and farm.  Using variable rate applications we can ensure the fertilizer is placed where it’s needed most.  With our leading edge precision agriculture software we are able to connect to My John Deere, Encrica, Climate FieldView, and send you prescriptions, soil test results, and other important information over the air in the matter of minutes to keep you moving.

Crop Management

Our certified crop advisers on staff will work one-on-one with you to make sure all of your crop needs are met.  We specialize in nutrient management, weed identification, scouting for pest and disease pressure.  We will make recommendations tailored to your farm based on soil type, hybrid selection, crop rotation, and geographical region.  Through integrated pest management we can help you make economical and environmentally safe decisions that improve your bottom line and maximize yield.

Custom Application

At Cooperative Elevator Co. we have state of the art equipment and highly qualified licensed applicators to apply your crop inputs that your farm needs in the growing season. We can apply crop protection and plant nutrients for you in a safe, timely and efficient manner.  We are also partnered with an independent, certified aerial applicator.  Through custom and aerial application we are maximizing yields and improving the quality of your crop.  We strive to reduce the risk of product drift by adding a deposition agent to ensure full coverage, and minimal error on every acre in ground and aerial applications.


Our CO-OP Brand dry bean seed is researched and hand selected by our elite breeders in Idaho.  Once gone through an intense research program, the varieties are selected based on traits for our specific needs.  They are then sent to be grown for seed production in Washington.  Certified trained individuals work hard to bring us the best products in the dry bean market.

Financing Program 2024

Input Financing Program for 2024

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For more information, contact your local agronomy office, or give Chuck Squires a call at the business office in Pigeon.

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Plot Data

Use the filter to select the year and crop of interest and we will provide you with the information you need to select the right hybrids and maturity length for your farming operation.

Why Co-Op?

Research is a very important part of your business and ours.  Together through local on farm data trials we partner to find the best solutions.  Each and every product we deliver to you has been researched for several years.  The world of agriculture is changing so rapidly and our products change even faster.  We are dedicated to learning everything we can to service our producers.