Agronomy Insights

Agronomy Insights

Cooperative Elevator Co. has witnessed an abundance of changes in the way we farm over the past 100 years.  One thing that has not changed though, is the hard work and dedication of our farmer patrons.  Passion for their work, a strong commitment to family and community, and pride in the legacy they are creating for the next generation, speaks to the enduring nature of those we serve.  Cooperative Elevator Co. is proud to debut the video “The Thumb Farmer” as a tribute to all the men and women who work hard every day to feed an ever growing population.  In Unity There Is Strength!

For more information about Cooperative Elevator Co visit YouTube Video VVVkMXFpN05DWFlFM1VrLTdZbU45UXB3LjJMcGd1eW1MUjk4

Cooperative Elevator Co "The Thumb Farmer"

Watch this video to learn more about the 100 year history of Cooperative Elevator Co. YouTube Video VVVkMXFpN05DWFlFM1VrLTdZbU45UXB3LlFvc0t6QkJrUE00

Cooperative Elevator Co. - Celebrating 100 years of Service

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